p.s. #2: Some were called, some were sent, some just went

This week I had the opportunity to lead the Women’s Day Bible Study at Riverview Baptist Church. Definitely an opportunity to step far out of my comfort zone. Truth is I did not really comprehend what a task I was volunteering for until I I was driving home and thinking about it. I tried to call several friends to talk about it but oddly enough they were nowhere to be found so as the song states “I had to call on Jesus!” My task: to cover 5 women from the old testament: Miriam, The Daughters of Zelophehad, Debora, Huldah, and Esther.

Before people start getting the mouths fixed to try to fit my peg into the ministry as an ordained minister—my dad has a saying—”Some were called, some were sent, some just went” I’m perfectly happy where God has called me as a physician to help others.

As I studied these women I realized how powerful they were. They were all different and had been called in many ways to do some extraordinary things, in extraordinary times. From Miriam I have learned to be more practical and to utilize my resources. From the 5 daughters of Zelophehad I learned to use my audaciousness with the right attitude. Deborah beckons me to remain intune with He who created me to effect influence. Huldah expects authenticity, while Esther showed me that even in demurity there lies such strength and power.

Stay Tickled!

P.S. (Posh SWAG–Posh Sister With A Goal)

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